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Labour Inspections

Conducts inspections so as to ensure that employers and employees are in compliance with the labour laws

Full Description

There are four types of labour inspections namely; – Routine inspections- these inspections are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that there is compliance to the labour laws – Follow up inspections- conducted usually after a routine inspection to insure that all the recommendations that were stipulated from the findings of the routine inspections have been adhered to – Special inspections- conducted when there are contentious issues at the establishment in relation to non-compliance of the labour laws. These inspections are usually joint with different partners. For example immigration, anti-corruption commission. etc. – Investigative inspections- conducted when there are issues pertaining to non compliance from complaints. This is to ascertain whether there is compliance from both sides that is the employer and employee. These are undertaken to look into the checks and balances of the working environment and the industrial relations at the place of work.