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Joyce Nonde Simukoko (MP)

Minister of Labour and Social Security

Structure and Core Functions.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Security is headed by a full Cabinet Minister who is assisted by a Permanent Secretary. The Ministry if divided into Six (6) Departments which are headed by Directors and Three (3) Units.

Barnaby Bwalya Mulenga - PS

Call Centre - 7010 (Airtel / MTN / Zamtel)

Monday to Friday from 08:00hrs to 17:00hrs
Call and Enquire on all Zambian Labour related matters on 7010 (Airtel/MTN/Zamtel). Or Visit any of our Provincial and District Offices Countrywide * Information on different Contracts * General Conditions of Service * Minimum Wage * Salaries / wages * Social Security Issues * Construction Sector Labour Laws * Retirement Age * Dismissal * Casualisation * Participation in Trade Unions * Occupational Safety and Health Issues and many more.

Employees Guide.

Every employee need to know his rights at work for him/her not to be exploited by an employer. Through the knowledge of labour laws the employee will be able to know what is due to him/her.

Employers Guide.

The Zambian Government understands that the most important resource in any given company is human capital and hence the need for employers to always maintain a sound relationship with their employees so has to enhance their productivity needed for the growth of the economy


"Securing decent work for sustainable socio-economic development".

Vision/Mission Statements


Vision Statement  

The vision of the MLSS is “To be a proactive institution that promotes an efficient and effective Labour Market System guaranteeing improvement in the quantity and quality of employment for the Zambian labour force”.


Mission Statement

In line with the stated vision, the Mission Statement of the MLSS is “to formulate Labour and Social Security policies, programmes and strategies and coordinate their implementation for national development.



Mandate of the Ministry


The Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) is one of the Government Institutions which plays a key role in the socio-economic recovery programme of the country aimed at achieving sustainable economic growth and improving well being of Zambians.

In accordance with Government Gazette Notice Number 547 of 21st September 2004, MLSS is responsible for the following portfolio functions:





Statutory Instruments (SI)


Statutory Instrument (SI) - The Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment Act. Click below to view detailed NEW SI documentation.


Statutory Instrument (SI) - The Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment Act. Click below to view detailed PREVIOUS SI documentation.


Important Information

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Ministry of Labour and Social Security, New Government Complex, Independence Avenue, P.O. Box 32186, Lusaka, Zambia. Tel: +260-211-221432, Fax: +260-211-225169, Web-Site: www.mlss.gov.zm, E-Mail: mlss@mlss.gov.zm

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