Senior Chief Nkula of the bemba speaking people of Chinsali district has requested that government consider putting up a monument and facelift the place where Zambias first president Kenneth Kaunda was born for tourism proposes.

Senior Chief Nkula bemoaned the deplorable state of the place where the First President of the Republic of Zambia was born, adding that the place needs to be developed.

The Chief said if the place where Dr. Kaunda was born would be turned into a monument , it will be a tourist site for both foreign and local tourists.

Meanwhile the Chief commended Workers Compensation Fund Control Board for putting up a modern Hotel in Chinsali worth over K160 million, stating that he is happy that his subjects will benefit from the project.

He was also quick to mention that the same development be taken to other districts.

The Senior Chief said this when a team from workers Compensation Fund Control Board and officials from Ministry of Labour and Social Security , led by Labour Minister Brenda Tambatamba paid a courtesy call on him at his place in Chinsali

Speaking when she paid a courtesy call on senior Chief Nkula ‘s palace, Hon. Tambatamba said Government is committed to updating Chiefs on developmental projects taking place in various places of the country.

Ms TambaTamba is in the Northern part of the country to check on projects under the workers compensation fund control board

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