Human Resource and Administration


The HR and Senior Management Department bears the vital mission of attracting, nurturing, and retaining exceptional talent, all while fostering an environment steeped in professionalism, equity, and collaborative synergy. Operating in tandem with senior leadership, the department spearheads strategic initiatives that propel the Ministry’s objectives to new horizons.

Primary Focus Areas

Human Resource Development
: A focal point of the department’s endeavors lies in the development of human capital. By orchestrating comprehensive training, skill augmentation, and pathways for career advancement, the department empowers the workforce to excel in their respective roles and make meaningful contributions to the Ministry’s aspirations.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition: The department’s unwavering dedication to identifying and enlisting premier talent underpins its role. The recruitment procedures uphold tenets of transparency, fairness, and alignment with the Ministry’s values, thereby ensuring the assembly of a diverse and adept workforce.

Employee Wellbeing: The wellbeing of the Ministry’s employees is paramount. Through the implementation of purpose-driven programs and policies, the department nurtures a workplace environment that encourages work-life equilibrium, prioritizes mental health, and sustains overall employee welfare, resulting in a motivated and engaged staff cohort.

Performance Management: A robust performance management framework forms the bedrock of the department’s strategy. This framework not only facilitates the acknowledgment and remuneration of employee contributions but also serves as a vehicle for identifying avenues of enhancement and facilitating continuous professional growth.

Excellence in Leadership and Management:

The linchpin of the Ministry’s triumph resides in the symbiotic collaboration between the HR and Senior Management Department. The department collaborates closely with senior leadership to implement effective leadership strategies and ensure that management practices are conducive to the achievement of the Ministry’s overarching goals.

The Department of HRA is headed by a Director and has two functional Sections and a Unit, namely: Human Resources and Administration, and Accounts Unit.


  • Coordinating training activities

  • Coordinating the implementation of the Performance Management Package

  • Coordinating and mainstreaming HIV/AIDS activities in the Ministry

  • Human Resource planning

  • Providing administrative and logistical support to the Ministry