Planning and Research

The Department of Planning and Research is headed by a Director who is assisted by a Chief Planner. The Department has three (3) functional Units;

(1) Policy and Research

(2) Planning and Budgeting

(3) Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Each of the three Units is headed by Principal Planners and Principal ICT Officer respectively.

The Sections are Policy and Research; and Budget and Planning.

The Department has the following responsibilities;

  • To coordinate employment promotion programmes
  • To coordinate Labour Market Research activities in order to generate information for appropriate interventions.
  • To coordinate timely preparations of Ministerial plans and budget to facilitate the acquisition of resources.
  • To effectively coordinate policy formulation process in order to have consolidated policy guidelines
  • To conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of labour policies.
  • To coordinate the preparations of Cabinet Memoranda and all parliamentary assignments.